Chris Lowe – Master Storyteller will weave worlds and lands of magic for children and adults. He will bring past times to life and place future times in your very mind’s eye.

He has appeared at festivals and storytelling venues from Whitby to West Coast USA spinning his stories of magic, mystery and mirth.

Winner of titles such as the Biggest Liar in Shropshire and Birmingham’ s Best. Entrancing short story writer and accomplished Music Hall vocalist. His skills are renown..


Chris LoweChris is an accomplished storyteller and singer guaranteed to entertain any audience. He has been telling stories professionally for over 20 years and during such time has proudly held the title of Biggest Liar in Shropshire.

Chris' storytelling career started at junior school, where he began telling stories to pupils and teachers. He was an instant success! His West Midlands or 'Brummie' background bring colour and life to his tales, which originate from all over the globe.

Audiences have included schools, folk festivals, street entertainment, after-dinner speaking, storytelling festivals, adults with learning difficulties, National Trust events, residential homes and excluded/expelled pupils. He has also performed at the Hay Literary Festival where he is famous for his story taxi (just ask!).

Bromyard Festival

His main criteria is simple; the story must entertain and interest an audience (educate and inspire are often in there too). Chris is well known for his scary stories and his ability to tailor a story to suit his audience and surroundings. Chris uses an active style of telling and loves to involve members of his audience in the action.

Performances can also be sprinkled with music hall ditties and he claims to knowing all the verses to songs such as “I’m forever blowing bubbles” and “It’s a long way to Tipperary”.


The Wizard Leaves

The Wizard Leaves

……taking only his staff and his cloak.

if you still want more…. After repeated requests Chris has put together a book of some of his original stories (See Written Word Deliveries). This offering is entitled “Uncle Jack’s Rainbow

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Chris also works as an accomplice with ...

Malcolm Speake or AKA as Speake and Lowe

Speake and Lower

Malcolm Speake and Chris Lowe have been telling tales at folk festivals for well over a decade. They both come from “Peaky Blinder Country” in Birmingham (See famous TV series) and did their fair share of telling fibs to parents and teachers alike. Hence they were sometimes known as Porkie Blinders in the Bordesley area of Birmingham. You can sit and listen to their etymological perambulations or pick up a few of their tricks at a workshop session. Whichever you decide to do you will not be disappointed as you listen to two erstwhile Biggest Liars in Shropshire and Chris Lowe winner of the Birmingham Story Telling Festival Prize.

Spiders Web

Ron Plant or AKA Spiders Web, Speake, Lowe and Plant solicitors of yarns and tales

Black Country yarnsman, Ron Plant brings English as a second language enhancement when this trio performs. You must hear Ron’s telling of Eli’s Cap, Whose The Saftist and Big Sal.

Black Diamond Folk Club 2nd Jan 2017

Andy Casserley AKA The Daring Young Men that famous and fabulous Music Hall Duo

If you want an amusing evening of Music Hall ditties performed by two accomplished maestros of that art then look no further than the mellifluous Mr Lowe and the accomplished Mr Casserley, musician extraordinaire.

For more information please contact Chris via phone or email. Details on the Contact page ...

Written Word Deliveries

Uncle Jacks Rainbow and other stories

Uncle Jack's RainbowAfter repeated requests Chris has put together a book of some of his original stories. The five stories tell of five lives and five adventures.

It is enchantingly illustrated* with intricate artwork** (see below). The materials used aim to make it bibliophile's delight to hold: a truly magical volume.

Review Quotes:
Original stories and the way you write with fun illustrations great work, keep writing Chris
Lovely stories

* Illustrations by Kate Clarke
** Page design by Andy Withers

Price: £7.50 including p & p (UK only)

Please contact Chris
for details on how to obtain your copy.

Illustrations from the book


Mr Fox

Not suitable for those of a delicate disposition. Intended for an adult audience - no one was actually harmed during the telling of this story. Keep sound high because I tell to audiences not microphones - sorry about that!

Warwick Literature Festival

At Warwick Literature Festival Various Artistes were invited to give their interpretations of stories created for a MA course in Creative Writing. Here Chris does his version of a story written by Dimitris Melicertes. It is meant for adult audience and not delicate ears. As usual Chris cannot resist introducing some slightly dark humour.

Pickled Pork

Chris Lowe at Upton Library ( New Crystal Folk Club ) 5.5.2019

Courtesy: Paul Smith


A story for those without

Vic's 75th Birthday Party

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